Cobrey 33 HT

This yacht, over 10 meters long, is characterized by an elegant yet sporty line. Common design features of all models such as stylish air intakes, fuselage windows and unmistakable “fangs” with hard-top construction and very modern steering console were designed to attract your attention.

Another interesting aspect of the Cobrey 33 HT is the lower deck layout, which enables a unique experience: main cabin with the possibility of sleeping for 2 people, kitchen, a real owner's sleeping cabin and a bathroom with separate shower.

A big advantage of this yacht are numerous highlights, both inside and on the upper deck: open, wide hardtop and panoramic side windows.

The Italian design is visible in every detail, also thanks to the selected hardware components, equipment and finishing materials from sunny Italy.

A unique component of the Cobrey 33 HT is its performance, which is achieved through the use of high-tech materials in the hull manufacturing process. It makes the ship strong but light.

We offer individual solutions for Cobrey customers that enable them to build a unique yacht tailored to their needs and wishes.

Cobrey 33 HT