Adventure Line

AluForce AF 1090

Clearly geared towards the commercial sector, the AF 1090 is approved for up to 12 people. The boat focuses on safety with an additional and extra high rail. While maintaining the durable AluForce design, the AF 1090 surprises with its intelligent & modular comfort:

In the cabin, optionally equipped with a powerful auxiliary heater, up to 4 adults can sleep in the bow. A standard built-in toilet room with toilet and a kitchen option enable longer overnight trips with self-catering. Due to its length, the AluForce Pilothouse 1090 is already well equipped for heavy rough water.

The model is not only longer, but also slightly wider than its smaller sister, the AF 900, and is therefore ideal for boat owners who need a lot of space. The four-door door allows easy access to the cockpit from the helm.

For larger groups of anglers or divers, this model offers particularly generous storage space for sports equipment of all kinds. The traditionally built hull with its deep V-shape with offshore bracket is suitable for outboard, inboard or even jet propulsion with up to 500 HP, also with Double engine, designed. Optionally, the AF 1090 can also be equipped for the disabled.



10.91 m


3.05 m


0.55 m


2,950 kg

Fuel Tank

400 L

Space For

12 people +



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